The GNSS base set consists of a Leica GS16 signal receiver, licenses for GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and other systems for positioning and transmitting corrections, as well as a tripod, a tribrach with an adapter, a radio antenna, a battery with a charger, an external battery for long-term work and a case
Base GSM
base Leica - set RTK
ГЛОНАСС - BeiDou - Galileo
555 – L5 - GGGB - GSM
Advanced signal processing system reduces the impact of interference when working in difficult conditions
This receiver works with GSM to transmit corrections over long distances, as well as in difficult terrain
GNSS receiver Leica GS16 UHF Regional
Compatible with microSD memory card up to 8 GB
555 channels
80 km
distance from base to rover
The built-in GSM modem ensures the transmission of corrections over mobile networks. In this case, the distance from the base to the rover can reach 80 km.
operation in difficult conditions
The housing of the Leica GS16 receiver is also made of durable materials for use in harsh field conditions. The IP68 standard guarantees proper operation in any weather. The device is able to withstand temperatures from -40 to + 85 ° C.
-40° C
+85° C
Battery capacity
Removable Li-Ion battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh. A full charge is enough for 6–7 hours of receiving and transmitting data through a 3.75 GSM modem.
6-7 h
Tribrach Leica GDF312 (842062)
Charger Leica GEV242 (774437)
License Leica LOP54, Glonass (843513)
Case Leica GVP742 (937439)
Battery Leica GEB212 (772806)
GNSS receiver Leica GS16 UHF Regional
Surveying tripod Nedo (200100)
Charger Leica GKL311 (799185)
External power supply Leica GEB371 (818916)
Tribrach adapter Leica GRT146 (667216)
Power cable Leica GEV219 (1.8m) (758469)
Bracket Leica GZS4-1 (667244)
Contents of delivery
Key features
Field controller
GS16 GSM, Base
GNSS receiver
50x35x35 см 13 kg
1 year
Student Account
Предоставляется для создания учебных проектов. Не предназначен для коммерческого использования
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